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We are a boutique design studio - founded by visual artist Nina Weisslechner and graphic designer Barbora Mikulasova.

Offering full-service projects: we collaborate with brand specialists, marketing strategists, copywriters, illustrators and engineers.


In an ever-changing landscape, a creative and intuitive outlook to your brand is paramount for its success.

We develop our client’s brand to add value and exposure within its exclusive market space.


Unique Brand Philosophy

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Delivered by an interactive presentation

email us to get a preview link to one of our existing presentations

Why do you need Brandevous?

I need a new logo. And not only that, I think we need a brand identity. 

I don't want to change my logo, but I want my brand to have new visual communication.

I already have a logo, but my brand looks outdated.

We need packaging for a new product. I need you to develop our product's branding as well as package design.

I am looking for a creative name for my business. I also need you to make sure it has free domains and social media profiles.

I need help with what to post on my social media and how to make them visually appealing. 


We listen

and learn. This is an exciting part of our job. We thrive when we get to know your brand. The deeper you share your vision with us, the happier You will be with our design.

We explore

the market and analyze how similar brands communicate. Our empathic approach, combined with rational knowledge, helps us define how your brand can stand out.

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We inspire

you by finding a unique creative story and a visual language for your brand. This way, we are sure about every single detail of our design.  All graphical features are there not only to be beautiful but to make sense. 

We create

the complete package: from logo and its versions to a meticulously chosen colour code. Your offline and online appearance. Key art and layouts. Visual strategy for social media. Completed with fonts and guidelines for photography.

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We present

you with a refined creative study, which contains two or three comprehensive design solutions. After a creative debate, you get to choose a solution that meets your needs perfectly.

We deliver

an all-inclusive brand gear: a design manual - defining your brand's visual guidelines. And a brand kit consisting of diverse logo formats, fonts, icons, social media imagery, and much more.

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