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In her clinic, the work of renowned aesthetic surgeon, DR. Miroslava Lopatkova is inspired by the captivating French elegance that respects the individual diversity and uniqueness of a person.

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To create a consistent, stylish visual communication that was representative of the high standards and style of the target audience.

It was important to ingrain Dr. Lopatkova's individual ethics, beliefs and methods into the brand imagery. 

To understand the target audience, we carried out extensive research into exclusive high-end fashion and beauty brands

Dr Lopatkova's unique method is known as "Formula of Beauty" translating to "Vzorec Krásy", which means being yourself and cultivating your individual diversity and personal style. The logo mark is created by the initials of V and K. The client associates the symbol of the feather with delicacy and beauty. With this idea, we created the  symbol of the feather in a more sophisticated form, more attached to the essence of the brand.

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